Join Us

Join The Campaign: to elect Jason Zuckerman for Mandeville City
Council (at Large) in 2020

Hi, I am Jason Zuckerman, a candidate for a Mandeville City Council at large. I will tell you that running a campaign is expensive, and time consuming. I am willing to put in the time and invest in the process. But I could really use your help.


The campaign is designed to help me get to know more people. We will generate awareness of my name and my approach to the key issues Mandeville is facing. Communication is the heart of a good voting process. You should vote for the leaders you are most aligned with on key issues.

Learning about each candidate takes effort. Thank you for reading this far!Campaigning also requires spending money. The City Council seat doesn’t pay much – just enough to offset monthly expenses. The biggest expense that doesn’t get offset is the cost of the election campaign. That cost comes directly from the candidate’s pocket. Therefore, it becomes prudent for me (and the other local candidates) to ask for financial support.

Consider your donation as an investment in a better Mandeville – by way of seeking and electing candidates who will work to build a better city. And support the candidate who most earns your trust.I would like to be that candidate for you on our City Council. Please use the link below to make a donation. Or drop one in the mail to:

Zuckerman Campaign Fund
1354 Villere Street
Mandeville, LA 70448


There are other ways you can help me get elected. These are equally important and volunteers are welcome:

  • Host a meet-the-candidate night at your home
  • Walk your neighborhood to tell voters about me
  • Join me at a public event or campaign rally (dates tbd)
  • Make phone calls on my behalf (especially around election day 4/4/20)
  • Post a yard sign at your home or business
  • Post a big campaign sign at your business
  • Maybe you have another idea about ways to help. Please just let me know. Feel free to call me and let me know how you can help.

I thank you in advance for your kind support.